If you self-diagnose, I am just going to assume that you are a fucking moron.



Seriously, if you think you have a mental disorder, go see a fucking professional, don’t just look up the symptoms and decide to yourself that you have a certain illness. Especially ones like PTSD. Just because someone or a group of people said a few mean things to you does not…

Well that’s because most cases you hear about PTSD are usually about soldiers who either watched their friends get blown up, or shot down right in front of them. That’s horrifying stuff to see. And I was talking about the people who claim PTSD from being called shit by other people, not the general spectrum of possibilities as to why someone could have it.

Yeah but you were making general statements about people who self diagnose as PTSD, you cant just go back on that now and say you were only referring to a specific portion of people who self diagnosed as having PTSD.  how was anyone supposed to know that when you made broad statements about everyone self diagnosing as having PTSD.  and honestly, ive never seen anyone who self diagnosed as having PTSD who fits in your strawman argument.

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I think what pisses me off the most about self diagnosing and this shit is that people who have actually been diagnosed don’t go parading it around like a new outfit. We don’t show it off and make it blatantly clear it’s there so everyone can see how tragic and in need of attention we are. No, we hide them like scars, horrible giant reminders and marks we can’t get rid of. We don’t want people knowing we’re fucked up because we don’t think its tragically beautiful and dread attention being drawn to them. We think its awful.

i dont hide my mental illnesses

it doesnt help me to push parts of me down and i have nothing to be ashamed of

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Hey I know that there’s a lot of people who are in highschool on tumblr I just wanted to let you know that self diagnosing is the lowest thing humanly possible. Why? Because your hormones are still crazy and automatically labeling your feelings as a mental illness is actually really inaccurate….

im an adult who is actually depressed (i am professionally dxed with bipolar disorder and often experience depressive episodes)

teenagers self diagnosing are not hurting me.  i respect teenagers who are hurting and trying to figure out what is up SO MUCH.  even if theyre wrong i respect them so fucking much.  and as someone who has experienced depression since i was 6 years old, i want so badly for them to get the help they need, however that looks like for them.  but i also recognize that some have their reasons for not seeking professional diagnoses, 100%.  whether they are in abusive situations, whether they do not have the money to see a medical professional, whether they are scared to see a medical professional, i respect them so freaking much and wish them the best.  i will always defend teenagers who self diagnose.

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Look, there’s a reason that we have professionals who’ve gone to medical school diagnose people. It’s because they go through great lengths to diagnose it properly. They fill out the proper paperwork so you can pull them out as proof. They run clinically tried and proven tests to make sure they’re…

im a rape victim.  when i went to a psychiatrist about it, she didnt dx me with ptsd she shamed me for what i was doing to survive, she treated me like crap, she tried to force me into getting an IUD

i talk about it online to cope.  i cant really talk about it very well in other situations and i need a place to talk or ill explode

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Seriously, if you think you have a mental disorder, go see a fucking professional, don’t just look up the symptoms and decide to yourself that you have a certain illness. Especially ones like PTSD. Just because someone or a group of people said a few mean things to you does not mean you have PTSD. Go complain to the thousands of men and woman who serve overseas, see if they think what happened to you is PTSD worthy, because after all, they were only in a fucking war.

i love how everyone always uses the example of soldiers when talking about ptsd, and just totally ignores uhhhh…. victims of rape and abuse, which i am one of, and also i self-diagnosed with ptsd.  no, this isnt about a few mean things.

some of the abuse and sexual violence i experienced was at the hands of professionals too, the ones you say i should go to.

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tfw doctors hate self diagnosers

what does this mean?

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wtf is that tag

and you cant say “if you can talk about your mental illness to strangers you probably dont have one” lol thats bullshit, show me where being able to talk about one’s illness to strangers has anything to do with whether someone has an illness or not.  its stigma that tells us we shouldnt talk about our illnesses, its not inherent.

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Suffering from bipolar disorder is anything but edgy or cool. Bipolar disorder is not a joke, it’s serious and extremely painful to see and go through. I have almost lost my best friend twice to suicide to put herself out of misery because of bipolar disorder. It is filled with intense highs and lows. Stop saying you have it when you really don’t, it actually hurts people who suffer from it


im an untreated but professionally diagnosed person with bipolar disorder and i think you need to stop, especially if you dn’t have bipolar disorder yourself.  you dont get to choose what treatment is best for people, also the sentence “everyone knows it will only help you” is creepy and condescending

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I can deal with the otherkin stuff. You wanna be a special snowflake and deny your biology, fine.

I can deal with a lot of things.

What I REFUSE to deal with is self diagnosis.

People spend YEARS in school and in research facilities and labs trying to understand the human psyche, and we’ve come…

ive been abused by medical professionals and they’re part of the reason im traumatized and you are telling me i should not self diagnose because ~omg it would hurt doctors so much~

sorry, dont care

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little PSA on bipolar


helloo ~

don’t let that cutesy intro fool you - this is not another self-diagnosed pretend PSA on how i am more ~interesting~ or /special/ than you and i in no way would like you to ever, EVER be like me. I would not wish what happens to me in my unmedicated state upon anybody. This is a PSA on…

im professionally dxed with bipolar i and i dont get violent during manic episodes or mixed episodes or depressive episodes, even when unmedicated? thats not to negate your experiences, but to portray all unmedicated people with bipolar disorder as violent is kinda… not good.  talking about your experiences is obviously good but calling all manic bipolar people “delusional beasts” is not ok, if you want to call yourself specifically that thats your decision, but thats pretty dehumanizing to apply to people without their consent.  and saying thats why no one should self-dx because all bipolar people want medication is p harmful.  i agree w/ u on people not using bipolar as an adjective jokingly though, thats annoying.

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