i still will never understand why anybody is pro-self diagnosis. it’s just. why. what is even the *point* of self-diagnosis? the whole point of professional diagnosis is to receive help for your condition. self-diagnosis doesn’t give you that. literally all it does is give you an inaccurate label…

thats not the only point of a diagnosis, i was professionally diagnosed with bipolar i disorder 5 years ago and although i am not currently seeking treatment for my bipolar disorder it hasnt ceased to be relevant to my life.

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Is it okay to diagnose myself with dyscalculia?  I’ve known about it for about two years now and in that time I’ve done a lot of thinking and I’ve come to conclusion that it’s very likely that I have that.  However, due to a variety of reasons I am unable to seek a professional diagnosis.  Is this something I can claim for myself?  I really don’t know.

yes, its ok.

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"mental problems" is such a gross and dehumanizing phrase, just like the word "tr*nny," which i’ve been noticing that you like to use an awful lot.  way to reduce people to their medical issues.

She apparently enjoys white power along with her ableism.

Cisgender was coined 20 years ago. She needs to get the fuck over her sensitive cis feelings and deal with it.

"Delusional" is terflish for "hysteria." Just a typical patriarchal attempt to misuse medicine to disenfranchise marginalized people.

plus (and im not saying being trans is the same as experiencing psychosis, obviously - but im saying this cause they always say “you dont indulge people’s delusions”), many people with psychosis (including delusions) prefer that you DO respond within the context of their psychosis without invalidating what they’re experiencing.  i wouldn’t consider that “indulging” a person’s psychosis, but i think they would.  telling a person with psychosis what they’re experiencing isn’t real is unlikely to help for most people, and is very likely to be harmful.  terfs show a huge lack of knowledge and compassion with regards to how to respond to people experiencing psychosis.  what would they do if they encountered someone with psychosis? just yell at them that they are wrong and that everything they were experiencing isn’t real? harass them? because that’s what it seems like.

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Anonymous said,
"(about weight stigma in the medical field) My brother is a paramedic and he has seen fellow paramedics, nurses, and drs STOP IN THE MIDDLE of CPR if the patient is large without calling anyone over to finish (for extended time) and a lot of the time no one volunteers to help finish (for 'regular sized' patients, there is usually a rotation of helpers in place). People have called 'not it' before over large patients. One memorable time, someone played rock paper scissors to see who had to do it."




My God…that is fucking terrible. Just…the fact that we have doctors pulling this shit, it fucking boggles my mind!

You dumbfuck SJWS will believe anything if it reinforces what you already believe. But the second you hear or read a person’s story about some hamplanet being a jerk, you call bullshit. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Surely you can’t all be this stupid.

Who was calling bullshit on this story?  Cause I don’t see any of that.  You’re not making much sense.

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Anonymous said,
"Do you know if it is an Autism trait to not like being photographed?"


I don’t think it’s an autistic trait, but not liking to be photographed could have to do with seeing the lens as a sort of eye and not liking to look in it? 

I’m not sure, but I do hate having my picture taken. 

Maybe someone else can chime in?

there are im sure many reasons for why many Autistic people wouldn’t want their picture taken, and im sure it varies for the person but i used to be often upset with other people taking pictures of me (rather than me taking pictures of myself) because i would make very “autistic” expressions and they made me feel ugly, confronting my own internalized ableism has helped w/ that though.

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when i was younger i really wanted to try turkish delight cause i figured it had to be pretty good if edmund betrayed his family for it

Well was it good or not?

(im the OP this is just my subblog) it was pretty good, id betray my parents for it but not my brother

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I am not ableist; however, self diagnosis is very harmful and usually inaccurate. If you see signs or symptoms of something, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR. For your own health and well being. If you don’t agree with your…

this is literally just repeating the same exact thing. how does it help you find a sense of community? self diagnosis can easily mistake different disorders for others. Many symptoms overlap, making it possible for you to believe you have a disorder, but for it to be something completely different. People say that mental illnesses should be viewed just as important as physical illnesses. Would you self diagnose yourself with cancer, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, hairline fractures, diabetes, etc etc? No, in that situation searching, reading books, using webmd, and reaching the conclusion “oh, I have [x]” would be viewed as being a hypochondriac.

uh no? those are different things, the only ones that were similar were “finding others with similar experiences” and “finding community”

and so can professionals? your point? the possibility of making mistakes does not invalidate someone else’s experience.

how does it help you find a sense of community?” uh, for example, i have auditory processing disorder! it’s directly related to my (professionally diagnosed) autism so there is no reason for me to seek a diagnosis.  talking to other people w/ auditory processing disorder has helped me to find community in people who understand my experiences!

and mental illnesses are just as important as physical illnesses, but they’re also NOT THE SAME as physical illnesses.  the measure of whether something is important or not isn’t reliant on who i believe has the power to diagnose it.  that being said, yeah, some physical illnesses can be self-diagnosed if someone does research and does not have access to a medical professional. 

p.s. hypochondriasis is an actual disorder and what you’re literally doing here is diagnosing people based on a flawed idea of what hypochondriasis is.  kinda hypocritical, don’t you think?

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Self Diagnosis


[shortened for space]

Someone’s gonna see that and be like “Oh, well that thing is that way then. But my friend has that… They can’t be like that.””

that’s silly, that’s basically an argument for NO marginalized person to ever talk about their marginalized identity, or really anyone to talk about individual marginalized people at all.  and thats bullshit! people tell me im not like their autistic child all the time, but the problem isn’t that their child is autistic and is different than me (how could that possibly be a problem?) but that they’re expecting all autistic people to be the same!

if someone expands what a self-diagnosed autistic person acts like to me as a professionally dxed autistic person, thats the person doing the generalizing’s fault, not the fault of the self-dxed autistic person

Sorry, I mis-said that part. I meant like, if you always talked about that thing you claimed you had. You always said it makes you do this and that, so the person thinks all people with whatever are like that. Like, stereotypes. 

(*sigh* im just gonna use an example instead of being so vague)

Let’s say you and 9 people said you thought you guys were x or whatever. You fit all of the criteria, and some dont. you go and get diagnosed, and the others dont. 5 keep it to themselves, but the last 4 talk about it all the time. They say things that aren’t true about it (but what they say is similar to another thing). That makes more people think they have x, when they really could have y because they identify with those 4. 

It’s like, it kinda harms a lot of people, because people are doing things for x, when they could help themselves by doing y. And now other people don’t get what x really is, and have wrong opinions on it.

Also, I was talking about things with specific criteria that needs to be met. So, some things have criteria you have to meet in order to be that.

(im not fully anti self-dx, just partially)

im sorry im having a lot of trouble understanding your analogy with all the x’s and y’s.  but some of the criteria psychiatry imposes (for example the weight restriction on anorexia) are just bullshit and these criteria vary across different organizations’ (i.e. DSM vs. ICD), the diagnoses and criteria change regularly too.  psychiatrists don’t even really listen to the guidelines themselves, for example i was dxed with personality disorder - NOS at 17 and that’s technically against the criteria.

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I grew up with an alcoholic father without a job and a mother working minimum wage to support my brother and I as well. My father spent a good portion of our money on alcohol. I knew I started showing symptoms of depression, that something was wrong. Self diagnosis does no good. What is the point…

your experience does not invalidate that of those for whom self diagnosis HAS been useful.

explain to me in what way self diagnosis can be helpful, please, enlighten me. Not that I took a psychology course in which one of the first things they stated was that self diagnosis is rarely accurate, or anything, you know…

finding community, finding people with similar experiences, explaining one’s experiences to others, finding resources

also psychology classes are notoriously ableist as fuck

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I am not ableist; however, self diagnosis is very harmful and usually inaccurate. If you see signs or symptoms of something, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR. For your own health and well being. If you don’t agree with your doctor’s diagnosis, since obviously they are not dealing with what you are, TELL THEM. Explain to them what’s going on so they can help you to their best ability!

"im not bigoted but…" is pretty much always bullshit. if you have to say that, you probably are.

do you know how dangerous self diagnosis is? I understand your point, but this is an extremely important issue for those who have access to doctors, which in America, is most. There are health care facilities and clinics that take those with no insurance and for very minimal fees. And yes, I read your tags as well.

thats nice but self-diagnosis has actually been much safer for me.  look, you are free to see a medical professional, good for you if that’s helpful to you, but in my experience seeing medical professionals has been what is dangerous for me.  plus those free health care facilities are only really accessible to people in certain areas (particularly big cities) and money isn’t the only reason people are unable to see doctors.

look, if someone is unable to access a decent medical professional to treat them for something, self-diagnosing is definitely no more dangerous than just not doing anything.  in fact, it’s safer as it allows them to find community and resources.  if you’re saying not having access to decent medical treatment is what’s dangerous, yeah, it is, but we know that.  fix that shit before complaining about self-diagnosers, who are generally just people trying to make the best of a bad situation.

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