I just want to set the basis of what I think about the Woody Allen thing.

I am literally unable to know anything for sure, because I am a stranger to that family and I can asure absolutely nothing about that man or his children and ex wife. I don’t have an opinion about it. I let the justice and…

you’re comparing the need to laud a movie (which, you know, doesn’t exist) to the need for emergency medical care….

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mallow-wolf said,
"1) If you have a problem with what I post, please just unfollow me. 2) The point of the self Diagnosis post was that POOR PEOPLE CANT AFFORD PROPER HEALTHCARE. Are you saying that because of that all poor people with mental problems should just pretend they are fine and never say anything about what may be wrong with them? If they could get a proper doctor to give them a look over they would. But they cant. Thats the whole point of the post."


I think I addressed that in what I said, clearly I said that psychiatric care is expensive.I also said that rallying for proper legislation is the way to go. What is self diagnosing going to do but allow for people to misdiagnosis themselves and ask for meds or treatment that isn’t going to help them? Being properly diagnosed is the only way to go about that and diagnosing yourself isn’t going to make the meds or treatment any cheaper.

And what are people supposed to do before this legislation is passed?  Are you also going to stop medical abuse?  Are you also going to stop parental abuse that often stops kids and teenagers from seeking care?  And again, what are people supposed to do in the time before all these changes are made?  Change doesn’t get made immediately, and you can’t expect people to act as if the change has already happened, when it hasn’t.

Self-diagnosing helps people understand themselves and helps them find a community of people like them.  

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let’s start a self diagnosed autistics defense squad who’s in

*raises hand*  

(im not self dxed autistic but i’m autistic and self dxed with other things.)

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You don’t have to like Woody Allen to respect Cate Blanchett’s speech

yes, lets act like Woody Allen is just “problematic” or something, when he’s a child rapist

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Also, self-diagnosis is absolutely awful. It’s ok to suspect you have an issue, but don’t go around talking about how you have Asperger’s Syndrome just because you’re antisocial and think you’re a lot smarter than everyone else when you haven’t even seen a doctor about it.

It’s extremely harmful to people who have these problems or are family members of those who have these issues.

Lol it’s funny because you’re misrepresenting antisocial personality disorder

Also, people diagnosing themselves with an autism spectrum disorder for the reasons you presented almost never happens.

It’s not offensive or harmful to me if people used informed self diagnosis and I’m professionally diagnosed with autism.

Also, seriously, bringing up the family members????

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does anyone else get bipolar when they are on anti-depressants ??????

Uh, “get bipolar” how?  If you’re experiencing manic symptoms, it’s likely you have bipolar disorder, especially if the anti-depressants have caused you to switch quickly between mania and depression.  This often happens when people w/ bipolar disorder are put on anti-depressants because most of them are ineffective for treating bipolar disorder.

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I’m boring



6:27 am I’m a little sad because on Facebook I can’t change my gender back to regular male it’s stuck at cis gender man and I’m a little afraid that all my friends at school are gunna make fun of me because I’m boring and not non binary…

ok? but it was shitty sarcasm that literally made no sense and you’re still a gross cissexist from looking at your #trans tag

don’t fucking tell me i’m cissexist cus i fucking defenc cis people all the time s from shitty non binary and trans people all the time alll the fucking time 


yeah, definitely cissexist.

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I keep seeing “stop demonizing self diagnosing” but why the hell should I? Why should I respect people who are not only making a mockery of but also severely simplifying serious psychological/physical disorders. If you think you have something, fine; But dont act like you 100% without a doubt have the disorder because you fucking googled symptoms. It’s insulting.

acting like all self-diagnosers did was just google symptoms is insulting and over-simplifying.

The people I talk to who self diagnose, that’s literally what they do. Where in my post did I say everyone who self diagnoses just googles their symptoms?
In fact, I posted this last night in response to an ask;

"I understand that not everyone has the ability/safety/stability to be able to go to a doctor for an official diagnosis at that given time. Saying you think you may have a disorder is not in itself a bad thing, it is the first step to getting real help for a lot of people.

It’s when someone googles the symptoms for lets say, bipolar & decides that’s what is wrong. They then tell everyone that they in fact do have bipolar disorder and attempt to give advice, say they understand what diagnosed individuals with bipolar go through, and when something doesnt add up they ignore it.

That not only minimizes the disorder but it’s insulting those actually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There are many symptoms that are interchangeable when it comes to mental and physical disorders so just because you fit one list that doesnt mean the subtleties will add up to an official diagnosis.”

Your post was a blanket statement generalizing self diagnosers.  That’s what blanket statements DO, especially when used to talk about groups of people who experience marginalization within society (which, self diagnosers who can’t diagnose due to lack of access to safe non-abusive affordable healthcare are).  Blanket statements about self-diagnosers do affect all self-diagnosers, you can’t just later retroactively say, “Oh, well I wasn’t talking about THOSE self-diagnosers.”

Except it’s my post so I can pretty much say whatever I want. If I want to make a blanket statement while venting on my blog then later go into more detail about what in the issue I actually have a problem with then I will. Just because I didnt originally elaborate doesnt change my opinion?

Ah, the favorite argument of those who say shitty things: “omg but freedom of speech!”

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Like, uggghhh, as if Tumblr doesn’t have enough of a problem with self diagnosis as is, a bunch of people are going “Hey, I’m bad at math. It obviously must be this mental disorder I just heard about!”  Like, you can be just really bad at math? Some people are like that. Doesn’t mean that you have a mental disorder, and DEFINITELY doesn’t mean that you should go around saying that you have dyscalculia when you have not been officially diagnosed. This really shouldn’t have to be said.

uhhh yeah but dyscalculia is about a lot more than being bad at math.  it involves things such as being bad at reading clocks, not knowing left from right, being bad at mental calculations, mixing up numbers, etc.  it’s about waaaay more than math, and i’m pretty sure most people who self-dx know this because it’s obvious for anyone who does the minutest amount of research on dyscalculia.

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Callie's Decision: Brandon vs the Fosters




I feel like everyone is automatically shooting down Brallie/Brandon because Callie “needs a family more than a boyfriend” (and I’m not saying I disagree, because I do agree). But if you think about it in Callie’s eyes - Brandon was the first one that she opened up to at the Foster’s house. He was…

I don’t judge Callie, I judge Brandon for taking advantage of the situation.

, what do you mean?

I get why Callie was attracted to Brandon.  I get that he’s the first one she’s really opened up to, and how that can lead to vulnerability.  I don’t think Callie’s wrong for wanting a boyfriend, and for wanting that boyfriend to be Brandon.  However, I don’t think Callie originally did want to date Brandon, we saw her tell Brandon that she could not do this, to which he replied “Too bad.”  I think that him continuing to pursue her was wrong, and that he took advantage of the fact that she opened up to him to use that to convince her to pursue a romantic relationship with him.  I think that what Callie wants most of all is a family, and that this was her priority from the start, and that he was wrong to try to step in the way of that.  I don’t think Callie was wrong for wanting conflicted things though.

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