Well THAT simply isn’t true.

I guess if somebody is one day beating me to death for having a boyfriend, me yelling ‘die homophobic shitbag’ at them while they slaughter me is just totally unacceptable.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Wishing death upon someone is never okay, regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality/sexual identity. Regardless of violent acts. Stooping so low as to react the same way you’re being treated should not be acceptable. So someone’s telling you to go die because of something you can’t control… You know what it feels like to have that said to you so why would you then turn around and say it to someone else? Regardless of their actions, no one deserves to hear that. Fighting violence with violence is never the answer.

^wait what

did you read the post

seriously did you

because you obviously need to reread it if you think saying saying “die homophobic scum” is stooping to the level of beating someone to death.  you are saying that is the same “way you’re being treated.”  no.  no it’s not.





idk what to say because WHAT

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    Tell me where these people are. I will cut them. I will drive the cis bus for you and I will run over the cis scum.
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    I get my ass beaten by cis people who tell me to go die in a ditch. No one defends me. But tell cis scum to die, and...
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