These are just some of the autistic people murdered by their parents, caregivers, and others entrusted with their care (their killer is in parenthesis - I put that in because it’s easier to find the cases if anyone feels the need to check my facts or something).  This needs to stop.  What’s almost as bad is reading the comments on the articles about these cases and seeing parents saying that these murders are “understandable.”  Murdering your kid isn’t understandable.  This is just one of the reasons I hate Autism Speaks - they perpetuate the idea that autistic children are just burdens, which is incredibly dehumanizing.  And dehumanizing us makes people consider us less of a loss.  We’re not burdens.

  • Ryan Davies (Alison)
  • George Hodgins (Elizabeth)
  • Matthew Goodman (staff of The Lindens Neurobehavioral Stabilization Program)
  • Kenneth Holmes Jr. (Micaela Jackson)
  • Terrance Cottrell, Jr. (Rev. Ray Hemphill)
  • Stephanie Jobin (staff of Brampton group home)
  • Brahim Dukes (Dewey Gillespie)
  • Casey Collier (staff of Cleo Wallace Center)
  • James Joseph Cummings, Jr. (James, Sr.)
  • Jason Dawes (Daniela)
  • Marcus Fiesel (Liz and David)
  • Unnamed 7-year-old daughter (Unnamed mother in Martigues, France)
  • Joseph, Charles, and Everett “E.J.” Conant (Everett)
  • Zain and Faryaal Akhyer (Saiqa)
  • Lillian Leilani Gill (Sharon)
  • Daniel Leubner (Michelle)
  • Justin Malphus (Joyce)
  • Patrick Markcrow (Wendolyne)
  • Pierre Pasquiou (Annie)
  • Jacob Grabe (Allen)
  • Tony Kohr (Seow Cheng Sim)
  • Charles Mancill (staff of group home)
  • Abubakar Nadama (Physician trying to “cure” his autism)
  • Mark Owens-Young-Rogan (His mother)
  • Glen Freaney (Yvonne)
  • Casey Albury (Janine Albury Thomson) She said after: “I did it. I strangled my daughter. She was a misfit. People were scared of her because she was different. I wish it could have been quicker. I’d wanted to kill her for a long time.”
  • Angelica Auriemma (Ioanna)
  • Eric Bland (Delores Johnson)
  • Dale Bartolome (Delfin)
  • Gabriel Britt (Terrence and Renee)
  • Katherine McCarron (Karen)
  • Jeremy Fraser (Kristen LaBrie)
  • Tiffany Pinckney (Alison Cox)
  • Jude Jordan (Gigi)
  • Ulysses Stable (Jose)
  • Wayne Winter (staff of group home)
  • Unnamed 9-year-old boy (Denise Snyder)
  • Benjamin Barnhard (Margaret Ferne Jensvold)
  • Chase and Olivia Ogden (Rene)
  • Michael Renner-Lewis (staff of Parchment High School)
  • Christopher Melton (Tracy Hawks)
  • Rylan Rochester (Stephanie) I find this particularly disgusting: “She said she felt she and her husband couldn’t have fun while caring for a severely autistic child, according to the affidavit”
  • Benjamin McLatchie (Daniel)
  • Matthew Vick (staff of group home)
  • Willie Wright (Southwest Mental Health Center)
  • Walter Knox Hildebrand Jr. (Stuart Allen)
  • Jeremy Bostick (Jeffrey)
  • William H. Lash IV (William H. Lash III)
  • Ajit Singh-Mahal (Satpal Kaur-Singh)
  • Charles-Antoine Blais (Danielle)
  • Christopher DeGroot (Nicholaas and Agnes) - He was buried alive and his parents only received 6 months in jail)
  • Daniel Corby (Patricia)

I did more research today and sadly, this only got longer.  Rest in peace.

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