I think people can read this whole thing and see how this played out.  Your whole argument really deteriorated around you, and the only way for you to continue this was to twist my words, or call me names.

I was never ‘taught’ to be racist. I was taught, by my wonderful mother, that skin color does not matter. that a person is a person, and I truly never, ever cared.
I’m not going to advocate and try to force an author to change the color of their own character, I’m sorry, I’m just not. I don’t see how that makes me racist, but oookay then. To me that makes you seem pretty self righteous.

I’m not trying to be an ‘ally’ to someone like you. Truly, at this point, you’re not even sending rational replies. You’re just getting all pissed off and typing out ridiculous responses, that deteriorate with each and every reply. That truly make you look worse, and worse. And just eroded away from the topic into calling me a racist.

God knows how you would ever act if you really did meet one. Or just if everyone is racist to you. and if they are, that is just truly, truly sad. And I am very glad I do not share that terrible world view with you. Because I am far more optimistic. And It lets me look at each and every person as good, at least at first. And those I disagree with still aren’t bad.
I can’t imagine how dull that must make your world. that you view everyone you talk to in such a way.

Or if you just view people who disagree with you like that.
Doesn’t make me angry. Just all around pitying and sad.

Again, at least I have an argument, and calling you racist is not calling you a name.  Since when are parents the only influence on our development?  Any interaction with the media, any children at school, any movie, etc. is full of messages about society.  

If Suzanne Collins wanted Katniss to be white, she shouldn’t have written her as a character of color.  Welp.  Now I’m done with you, because I’m really sick of your racist shit.

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