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Disney’s Racism

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I’m sorry but this video is full of shit. It’s people LOOKING for racism…Gee that’s why racism is a problem now.

thisguyhere, really? REALLY? jfc this is outright, completely unconcealed racism. Go fuck yourself.

OKAY. SIRIUSLY. This is just bull shit. These are just a bunch of stick-in-the-mud wackos that are freaking over analyzing children’s movies! I’m sure Disney didn’t say “Hmmm…. how can I the offend people of this race today?”

Let me point out specifics.

Chyng Feng Sun says ‘In Mulan women are portrayed as very weak and worthless.’ (summarized from memory) when actually in the time period Mulan is set in, I’d say that’s fairly accurate! Disney may have embellished a few things, but you don’t see her saying ‘OH and also our ancestors don’t really send little dragons to help and follow us around.” What is a cartoon without embellishment? 

Dr. Jack Shaheen also needs to take a chill-pill. Again with the whole time period IN THE MOVIE. Aladdin is obviously not set in present day so why bring up laws that are used TODAY. 

Ooohhh my arguments could go on for pages FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THE CRAZIES in the video. But I’d rather not stuff up your dash. :) /Rant end.

What you are failing to realize (and what I’m guessing is futile to point out) is that someone added these racist things in there. They weren’t a blunder of any sort. They were intentionally put in there and intentionally racist caricatures. This isn’t reading into things. With ANY type of fiction, you need to realize that any fucking detail in there was put in there with some type of intention. These are the results of hundreds of years of oppression by race, not just some silly little mistake or some people overreacting.

You bring up the past a lot and how “THIS IS HOW THINGS WERE BACK THEN”. Also note the many other Disney films starring white characters set in the past. Indeed, Disney is very sexist, but they aren’t pointing out how sexist or “backwards” Europe was, and they never will, because in the Disney-verse, whiteness *is* the good social model and they will try and reinforce this racist idea time and time again. Again, this goes back to every detail in the film being put there intentionally. You realize that the voice acting, the animation, and the script were all done deliberately, right?

FFS, I don’t understand how you can be so fucking dense.

Can we all just chill out. Please. 

Like, I’m not going to diminish the fact that racism is a terrible thing. Ok. It’s all bad and I’m pretty sure at one time all of us have been stereotyped as a racist or have been underfoot of a racist. Mexicans, blacks, Chinese, Asians, and yes even white people. Alright. So. Can we all calm down and forget the WHITE-PRIVLAGE and the Black-Heritage the Mexican Jokes and the Chinese Slanted eye bullshit. Please. Disney embellishes on what is there. 

I’m going to start with the Mexican Chihuahua bit that started in the first video. Let me tell you something, Chihuahua are dogs that were exclusively breed in Mexico. One of the states of Mexico is called Chihuahua. They are small yappy dogs that were breed as companion dogs, although some have claimed for them to be hunting dogs. None the less, if we are going to do a movie like Oliver that is using dogs as it’s main character it would stand to reason that the Chihuahua would be played by a Mexican. Yes? Just as we would expect a poodle to be played by the French and the German Shepard to be a German. It’s not stereotyping guys, all it is is embellishments on character. Now, if the Chihuahua had been played by a white person then I’m sure there would have been hell raised by the Mexican Societies asking why exactly someone from their race isn’t playing something that is key to the Mexican Culture.

I will now move on the the monkeys and orangatangs. Focusing primarily on the Jungle Book, which is possibly one of my favorite movies of all time. Now, the movie was made in 1967, the Civil Rights movement was abound and as far as I know Walt Disney was no racist. Could it be possible that Walt Disney was honoring the Black Heritage and the Civil Rights with the song. Let’s take a look at the lyrics, it’s asking for EQUALITY. Equality with human, were not blacks considered to be subhuman at the time. Also the song itself is very jazzy, was not Jazz created by Blacks in New Orleans? Could the song be honoring the jazz and big band roots that were created BY AFRICAN AMERICANS. Could the song not be a subtle way of talking about CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN THE 1960’s TO CHILDREN. Alright now, onto the Chinese.

First off; my argument for the Siamese Cats in Lady and the Tramp is similar to the one for the Chihuahua in Oliver. Why wouldn’t you put an Asian attachment TO AN ANIMAL THAT IS OF THAT COUNTRY AND A PART OF IT’S HISTORY. Come on guys, comment sense here, would you want to hear a Italian voice and portrayal coming out of a Siamese cat. No, you’d want to expect to hear an Asian portrayal, because that is what the cat is. Asian, Siamese cats are from CHINA, therefore a Chinese or Asian portrayal is expected if not then to be extremely alluded to. As with Mulan, it’s an embellishment guys. Lets face it, women in history are NOTHING WITHOUT MEN. You can look at pretty much any culture and always the man is higher priority that the female. Just because it was enhanced for the movie doesn’t make it sexist, it just means that there doing something to heighten the ‘SHOCK VALUE’ of the movie. What is better than someone suppressed, surpassing their suppressors? Especially in such a kick-ass way. 

Onto the Alladin bit. Alright, here we go ignoring the whole religion bit in the movie can I just say that that was really weak argument. The whole cut off your hand bit was true in many countries, you steal you lose a hand. Sorry but the whole Islam people wouldn’t do that is rather weak. Not everyone was Islamic, some were of different religions and who is to say that the man posing to cut off Jasmine’s hand was Islamic, different beliefs harbor different convictions for the crime. So lets just disregaurd the Alladin argument for the sake of lack of screen time of the racism and sterotyping, we cannot make more arguments or decisions without more sources.

Moving onto the Native American portrayal. Alright, let’s face it, as children we all did this. I don’t care whether your of African, White, Hispanic, Indian, Chinese or Russian decent. We’ve all done this. The HOW, the ‘Indian Style’ sitting down and the Dancing. But we’ve been raised on it. This is probably the most stereotypical and racist part of this entire video. It’s not the Chinese portrayal nor the blacks one. It’s the Native American portrayal that is the most racist because it’s the most common one among children, it’s also the easiest to portray and the least we know about. By the time we are in middle school quite frankly the Slavery in America has been shoved down our throats, by High School pretty much two months of US History is just about the American Slavery and the Africans in general. But we fail to mention the Native American’s other than the fact that they gave us food and made Thanksgiving with us. Maybe they’ll mention Crazy Horse and the Trail of Tears. Maybe they’ll mention a bit about Pocahontas because somebody in class asks. But honestly the reason that the Native American Portrayal is the most heartbreaking and racist it because it’s probably the most common and the closest to home. You know why, because the Native American stereotyping and portrayal is on such a wide spectrum, it encompasses ALL OF AMERICA. Not just the East Coast and the South with African Americans and the two decades of Civil Rights. It is still happening because we still have Native American Holy Lands under the US Government, we still have paid for reparations to the Tribes of the Native Americans. We still have them on reservations and under hostile conditions. The worst part is that the Native American desecration is just as a part of our history as it is the African American Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the Containment of Japanese on the West Coast. But we have yet to hear any mention of it in our history books except for maybe a lesson or two every semester that is skimmed over. 

Also on the note of the animal portrayals of race, can I point out the dogs from Lady and the Tramp. The Scottish Terrier and The English Bulldog, . Of course no one points out how racist that is do they? You know why, because the English and the Scottish are white. No one cares how the Scottish Terrier is a fighter, a small dog, yapping away with a heavy accent and stereotypical Scottish mannerism. Neither do they point out how the English Terrier is very much a droppy dog, slow of speech, and a slurring lets not forget rotund in appearance. Do we not perceive old English men as such. Is this not a form of racism and stereo typicality. Yes it is, but no one notices because they are white and of course the white don’t get noticed for any of their stereotypes, not even when we see the ultimate white stereotype of Lottie in Princess in the Frog as an air-headed, southern accented, slow to mind and boy crazed blonde. 


There’s my bit, I don’t give a fuck about all this shit. Alright, can we all just calm down. The world is racist, people are judgemental and there’s always gonna be that one person that sits on their racial high horse and dictats and analyzing the shit out of everything. OK. No, this shit isn’t cute anymore. Get over it and calm all your tits and WATCH THE DAMN DISNEY MOVIE AND SING. 


1) Being mistreated by a racist and being stereotyped as a racist are NOT THE SAME THING. Stop equating them.

2) No, I’m not going to forget racism, welp.

3) Having a Mexican accent shouldn’t force one to take on other (negative) stereotypes, such as the way the Chihuahua acted towards women.  Also, the Chihuahua’s voice was a blend of English and Spanish and was just downright racist.  Same with the Siamese cats - they didn’t HAVE to be the mischievous, scary looking cats.  The buck teeth and slanted eyes are just downright offensive. I have a feeling no one would care if these animals weren’t Mexican or Asian, and they’d at least be relieved Disney hadn’t reduced their culture to a stereotype.

4) Exaggerating to further the “shock value” of a movie is not a good thing to do, especially when the movie depicts something most people don’t know much about (feudal China in this case)

5) It’s “MUSLIM” not “Islamic”, for one thing.  Pet peeve.  Second off, even if that did happen in multiple countries, that doesn’t make the opening song any less racist.

6) Scottish and English people don’t live in a society that demeans them for their race.

7) No.  Stop telling people how to react to racism in Disney, which you even NOTICED FOR YOURSELF IN TERMS OF THE DISNEY PORTRAYAL OF NATIVE AMERICANS. 

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