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you did it 3 times how is that even an accident?

i didn’t realize it was incorrect? I’m not boned up on all the facts about you

still waiting to here how i’m bigoted

“quentin. 20. gryffindor. agender. autistic.

preferred pronouns = they/them/their”

its right on my profile it’s not that difficult

and you’re bigoted because 1) you justified the usage of a racist slur 2) you are transphobic for not even bothering to respect my gender identity.

I didn’t read your profile.

He wasn’t asking if he could use it as a racial slur… he asked if he could quote a song.

How can I respect what I don’t know. Did I not send you a message apologizing as soon as I realized? Yes, I did.

I’ve also asked if we can be besties like 87 times and you said no and said you hate Travises which hurt real bad (and was intentional bigotry oops awks)

Well maybe you should have before assuming my gender?  And no, I never got a message apologizing.  All I got was a shitty-ass “accident” non-apology.

Intention doesn’t matter - that word is not for us to use ever. 

I sent you a message on your main blog. It was a real apology and if you’re gonna pretend you didn’t get it you must just be looking to be offended.

People say if you’re not a girl you don’t get a say in abortion issues and such, well last time I checked you’re white and thus get any say in this.

I hate your outlook on life, what kind of phobic does that make me? You’d probably enjoy life more if you didn’t take every single thing personally.

I legit did not get it.

And no - I don’t believe if you’re not a girl, you don’t get a say in abortion issues.  For one, not all people with vaginas are girls, and abortion laws have an effect on all people with vaginas.   Cis men can definitely educate other cis men on abortion issues and white people can definitely educate white people on race issues.  As long as it doesn’t get into cis men trying to educaete people with a vagina on abortion issues or white people trying to educate PoC on race issues or straight people trying to educate people who are not straight on sexuality issues, it’s fine.

Same for you.  And maybe I’d ENJOY life more, but I care more about actually being a decent person and making the world a less shitty place than I care about enjoying life.

Now good night.

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