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Apparently asking people to get a diagnoses before invading safe spaces is ‘elitist, classist, racist and…

They do where I’m from. I had to have three different neuroimaging tests.

And I’m sorry, it’s not ~society being ableist~. (It’s not a cause of autism either - obviously. Autism is a birth defect… as I said verbatim in my original post. Cause is not synonymous with effect.) I am treated differently because I am. It’s called being autistic. It’s not that I’m worse than everyone else - or better - but I am different, I function differently, and that is not an illusion. It’s not ableist to pick up on that. It simply is.

Again. If you can’t afford diagnosis, I’m sorry for you, but if you were really impaired then you would find a way. There are resources out there, and if you needed them you would get off your ass and find them. I can’t think of a nice way to say this. I don’t know of you are autistic or not, but if you aren’t diagnosed and are not in the process of getting diagnosed, you aren’t disabled.

And I don’t care if you suspect you might have autism. It’s fucking rude to say you do have it and you struggle so much and bawww when you haven’t even been diagnosed. If that’s because money stopped you from it, then again, I’m sorry. It’s still fucking rude because you don’t know.

My diagnosis did not require that, and I went to one of the best communicative disorders centers in the country…

Someone treating you differently is not synonymous with treating you worse though.  If people treat you worse, they’re being ableist.  People treat everyone differently, that’s true.  That’s life, and you’d have to deal with it whether you were autistic or not.

" if you were really impaired then you would find a way." > That’s ridiculously classist.  To expect people to just "find a way" to make 1000s of dollars because YOU think that’s what they require or need is an incredibly awful way to look at things.   I am diagnosed, but I know plenty of people who aren’t because they just can’t afford it.  I was born to relatively rich parents.  I am LUCKY.  I would never expect people to scrape together money they could use for food or other necessities to get a diagnosis that’s been relatively unhelpful to me as anything other than a label and an explanation.

I was autistic before I was diagnosed.

I am autistic now.

NOTHING CHANGED when I got my diagnosis.  Nothing.

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