I did this as well (how I fit in politeyeti’s revised autism criteria. comments in [] brackets, and bolded are things I do.

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posted 1 year ago
acrazylittlethingcalledmusic said,
"1) i couldn't care less what gender you are, i said i hadn't looked. 2) you're much more capable than my brother will be by the time he hits your age, i can bet that. 3) accept the fact someone is speaking the fuck up and do something yourself rather than being ungrateful. i was not implying other people are meaningless, just the stuff like i posted is interesting and makes someone think. why would i not say that when it has happened!? have a think to yourself..."

1) you assumed i was either a man or a woman which is wrong.

2) how the fuck do you even know that? and by whose standards?

3) i will be as ungrateful as i want when the attitudes you’re perpetuating hurt autistic people.

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posted 1 year ago

the only people i’ve ever heard saying that autism is the “next step in evolution” are allistic people

fuck off if you’re blaming autistic people for that shit.

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posted 1 year ago

i think, to change the google autofill stuff, we also have to all search for better things starting with “autistic people should…”

because i googled it and the autofill has to do with what people search, i think.  so maybe in addition to the flash blogging, we can choose a few queries and all try and search them.

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i nicely asked another autistic person using the r-word to stop using slurs and got told to “stop crying and go fist yourself”


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posted 1 year ago

some people who identify as aspies need to stop policing autistic people who had no speaking delay who identify as autistic

if someone has an asd they have every right to call themselves autistic


do these people understand what asd stands for?

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posted 1 year ago

My brother just revealed himself as a curebie and heterosexist.

I saw this on my Facebook sidebar and got really angry because MSU is my alma matter and ableism.


More info here: http://msuautism.org/: “The goal of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Campaign for Autism Research is to discover the root causes of a condition that affects 1 in 88 children. Expanding our knowledge can lead to effective prevention, treatment and even a cure. It is also critical to foster more resources and greater awareness of this difficult disorder. ”

And he was trying to defend it.  I told him, “I wouldn’t like it if someone said they want to fight gayness.”

And he said that he thinks straight people saying they want to fight gayness isn’t homophobic or bad.

sdfjkdsjfkdsjfskdj UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

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posted 1 year ago

note to allistic siblings:

blocking autistic people who give you polite suggestions (or non-polite suggestions, but mine were polite)…

is not the way to go about making a website about autism

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I know that they aren’t autistic because they’re self-diagnosed. ”

that makes zero sense whatsoever

(like one could suspect that someone wasn’t autistic because they were self-diagnosed.  they’d still be wrong because informed self-diagnosis is valid)

but how could one KNOW that someone wasn’t autistic because they were self-diagnosed

that’s just ridiculous

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posted 1 year ago
frodrobaggins said,
"You're so disrespectful and crude. It's hilarious how you shame people yet, you're not better than them. Look at the hateful context you reply in. Look how you deal with people's personal opinions. I feel bad for you, only due to the fact you're so anal-retentive to the situations at hand. Go ahead, be rude to me. At the end of it all what will it accomplish? Absolutely nothing because without this keyboard I shall still have a voice and followers I don't need bullying Into respecting me."

You saying that anyone is not “mentally there” because they’re autistic isn’t an opinion, it’s disgusting.  You implying that your opinion matters more than mine because your sibling is autistic (when I’m autistic!) is disgusting.  This isn’t about a personal opinion.  You have a right to say disgustingly ableist things, but they’re wrong and offensive, and I have every single right to tell you how wrong they is.

& It would accomplish something if you actually listened to autistic people.

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